Student Challenges for the 24 hour skype.

1. Comment on our Epsom school blogs

A. P/1
B. 1/2
C. 3/4
D. 5/6

2. Comment on 24hour skype wiki pages
Investigate all the different school’s pages - select 5 to report about and comment on.
(be great to have some done by the time we skype them)


2. Create a google form to survey the participants about the 24hr skype. What questions could we ask to gather data so next time we can improve our 24hr skype. Write 3 needed questions that must be answered in the survey and 3 interesting questions. Think about what sort of answer they give, a word or sentence or yes/no answer, multiple choice.

3. Wiki work ..add to our 5/6F wiki and your page
4. Add a flag for your country you hosted

5. Using GMaps create a travel trip around the world in iMovie (take street view screen shots) and use Gmaps to find out the distance to each city we visit. Add a narration.

6. Create a Voki telling about todays 24hr skype embed it on our thoughts page of the wiki (you may have to create a new page on the wiki.)

7. Interview some skypers from Epsom 24hr Skype. Use audacity or ipods/iPads in iTalk to record no longer than 2 minutes. This could also be a video recording for TV news.

8.Tweeting the event - tweet about the skype while it's on, before the skype you are hosting (Last compare group to tweet first #saw24)

9. Write a newspaper article for the Bendigo Addy or our school newsletter about our event. Make sure you have a catchy headline and picture. Or make a movie as a TV news

10. What have you learned from another country? Make a table in excel and list all the cities we visit. Next to each add one thing you found out during the skype. There time our time. What was the same? What was different? Don’t leave this until the end, add to it as we skype.