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Hi Everyone!
We are a little school in the Mallee region of victoria. The Malle is famous for its rolling paddocks of golden wheat and the best lamb in the world all with a rainfall of 300mm.
All of the students are a part of this farming tradition.

Here is a map:

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Patrick: Nullawil is a great school near a dry farming land that goes for hundreds of miles.It has lots of great features like sports equipment, a big sandpit and furniture inside.

Gemma says: At Nullawil Primary School each child has their own laptop and we also have a great playground.

Angus Says: at Nullawil Primary school there are good kids and we have a big play ground to play in at lunch.

Sharna: I like Nullawil because it dose not snow and I am in grade 1. Nullawil is awesome.

Rhett: I like the toy trucks.

Rylee: I Like the New 60 inch TV.

Willem: Nullawil has a huge sandpit, oval. It is the best school.